February 9th, 2009

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Barefoot Girl - Part 3/3

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Notes of possible interest:

A few people have asked about sequels and while I don't anticipate writing any more Dean-and-Alba fic of this size, I do have one or two smaller one-shots in the works. They'll be posted to all the same comms as this was if and when they actually happen. ETA: And Sings the Tune Without the Words is now available for those who thought Dean could use a little Alba after the events of "On the Head of a Pin."

If you're interested in seeing what a fussy tangle of timelines my brain was while I was writing this fic, I have photographic evidence of my insanity available.

Fic: Barefoot Girl - Part 1/3

I've been working on this fic for such a ridiculously long time that I'm sort of irrationally afraid to post it. But here, have a Supernatural crossover with The Time Traveler's Wife. You need to have seen up through Season 2's "Houses of the Holy" but you need not have read TTW.

Title: Barefoot Girl
Supernatural, The Time Traveler's Wife
Genre: Gen, angst, self-indulgent cuteness
Word Count:
Dean Winchester, Alba DeTamble (Sam shows up a few times and gets talked about quite a bit)
Starts pre-series and goes through "Houses of the Holy." Spoils a few things about the book, but I don't think reading this would by any means ruin you if you were planning to read the novel at some point in the future.
Time travel has been known to cause brainhurt. Also, the cuteness may have gotten out of control in places.
The show is written by people who are much eviler than I am. The book was written by a woman whose brain clearly works a lot better than mine does. Neither belong to me in any way.

Thanks: izhilzha kept saying that she didn't actually beta this but you could have fooled me. Hand-holding and cheerleading were her department. ayoub sweetly volunteered to make sure this fic was conon-compliant for both 'verses. feliciakw went over the whole monster line by line and made it better, occasionally pausing to enjoin me to END THE COMMA ABUSE (all this even though at the time she hadn't read TTW). These people made the fic way more awesome than it was when I got done with it. Thank you, guys! *air kisses* Any errors of any kind that remain are all the fault of yours truly.

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

ETA: Let me know if anyone sees anything weird that might arise from, say, the author having a very strained relationship with LJ's rich text editor. I tried to make sure everything was kosher before posting, but sometimes LJ is sneaky.