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Dramatis Personae

A lot of my posts involve my friends and family, so here's a quick cheat sheet of who's who.

mathphilebill (AKA Mr. Bill, Prince Alarming, or simply "the nerd") is my husband and twue wuv. (Mr. Bill's tag)

green_tea_lady (or just GT) is my sister and partner in crime, who now lives far away, necessitating many long-distance phone calls. (GT's tag)

holmeskillet is GT's husband. It is indicative of his awesomeness that I love him even though he is responsible for the sister-living-far-away thing.

thomas_a_kempis is my dad and resident expert on almost everything.

not_a_monk (AKA Ma Bookie) is my brother and the only person I know who is snarkier than I am.

zababby is the unholy spawn of not_a_monk and my favorite baby nephew.

koalasigns is my out-of-town gal pal, we've known each other practically since birth.

izhilzha is the person responsible for getting me hooked on most of my favorite TV shows. Any injuries incurred as a result of fannish material on this journal can be blamed directly on her. (Izh's tag)

kimberlycreates is the friend and former classmate responsible for getting me addicted to LJ. Any non-fannish injuries caused by this journal can be blamed directly on her.

People in my life that I haven't forced to get an LJ yet:

Soupy - one of my brothers-in-law, says amusing things

Ernie - one of my sisters-in-law, likewise a source of amusing things (Ern's tag)

Curly - the other sister-in-law, and the youngest of the clan. Collectively, Ernie and Curly are "the pixies."

IT Guy - my local IT ninja, another source of amusing (and frequently very geeky) conversation (IT Guy's tag)

Sam-I-Am - another co-worker, who has way too much in common with me. May or may not be a figment of my imagination. (Sam's tag)


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Oct. 10th, 2007 05:33 pm (UTC)
But what about the babby?
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