The Cheese Elf (kalquessa) wrote,
The Cheese Elf

Dear SPN fandom:

Hi! I thought I'd let you know that I thought of you the other day when I was playing with my kid at the park. There was this group of little girls, and one of them kept climbing up on the play equipment and then yelling down to her friend "Cas! Hey, Cas! Cas, come help me! Cas, I need your help! Cas! Hey! Up here! Cas!" There was much attendant waving and gesticulating.

The object of all this sound and fury--whose name, it transpired at length, was Cassidy--seemed content to mostly ignore her more energetic friend and instead sat and stared contemplatively at various things (a tree, the sand, a leaf by her foot, my kid trying to eat the sand).

It was kind of like being in a gender-swap kidfic. I don't know if anybody actually writes those, but anyway. It made me think of y'all.

Miss you lots! Gotta run!


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