The Cheese Elf (kalquessa) wrote,
The Cheese Elf

Dear Supernatural:

Okay, so we've been kind of on-again-off-again the last few seasons, partly because I have so little tv time these days and partly because, let's be honest, you haven't exactly been on your game much of late (and when you were on your game you were making me feel kicked and sad half the time). And I was actually kind of hoping that you would continue to go slowly, steadily pear-shaped until you were so not worth my time that I could just give you up altogether and have space in my schedule for a new show (Alphas looks really cool, and my mom keeps bugging me to try Blue Bloods). Except, this new season is not really conforming to my expectations at all. In that so far it has really kind of rocked my socks.

What the heck, show? Thanks for totally ruining my plans.


Tags: supernatural

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