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Does this thing still work? Let's find out. Wow, this looks different. Weird. Okay. Hi, Livejournal! I logged on to look for something today, and I realized that I miss you guys and have no idea what most of you are doing anymore unless you use Facebook. So in the spirit of catching up:

1. I am moving house in less than a week and should not be playing on the computer! That's actually why I got on LJ this morning, all of my books are packed and I need something to read so I thought I'd log on and find links to some old fanfic that I could reread.

2. A while back, I made this:

I call it "Theodore." It is currently engaged in emptying all the bins of toys onto the floor.

3. I would give you a picture of what Bear looks like now but holy crap, HTML is hard when you're using an iPad and it's trying to be all helpful and really it's just causing trouble and WILL YOU JUST LET ME TYPE, IPAD!! You'll just have to take my word for it that Bear is a bright-faced, blue-eyed, four-and-a-half-year-old wunderkind who is learning to read and control his theatrical impulses when appropriate. (I wish. He's really just learning to read. The other thing is totally beyond him, still.) If you Facebook and wish to make his visage and hilarious utterances part of your newsfeed, feel free to find and friend me.

4. Current tv obsession: Korean dramas. You guys, Kdramas are awesome. Anyone who wants to give or receive recommendations, hit me.

5. Is the Stargate fandom still a thing? Bear was asking me questions about my SG-1 DVDs the other day, and it set me wondering.

6. I know the Supernatural fandom must still be a thing because the show is still running, somehow. I recently watched Season 8 after some time away from the show. Can't say I am overwhelmed with love for the show, anymore, but it was nice to have the boys back on my tv. Not every episode is a good one, but every episode makes me laugh and want to hug a Winchester at least once.


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