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Parenthetical Peanutbutter

(Marked by or given to digression; discursive, rambling, tangential.)

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The Cheese Elf
28 February 1982
I read a lot of books and watch even more TV. I love my husband so much that I mock him almost constantly. We own a bookstore. My baby boy is the cutest single living organism in the known universe. I live in a big house with my husband's family (there are eleven of us if you count the baby). I get really pedantic about pronoun forms and verb conjugations from time to time. I believe that sarcasm is a way of life. I actually like cooking and cleaning. But not as much as I love writing fanfic and squeeing about things.

According to green_tea_lady: "kalquessa is what would happen if you put Anne Shirley and Daria in a blender and hit 'Purée.'"

From thefish30:
Though sweet, is not any less a
Force to be reckoned with. She introduced me to lolcat wars
And her husband is so adorably geeky she thinks you wish he were yours.

Per jmeadows: "Consider this your beverage warning. Ruined monitors and keyboards will not be replaced by kalquessa. She spent all her money on Stargate DVDs."


Do we really need anything as official as a "friending policy"?: Feel free to friend, defriend, spam me with comments, or just lurk invisibly. Skip the fanfic, or skip everything but the fanfic, or just spin by now and again to see if I've had anything really groundbreaking to say about baking and/or poetry recently. Whatever suits you. If my journal makes you happy, I'm delighted. It makes me happy, too. If my journal makes you unhappy...well, the most sensible thing would seem to be not reading it, yes?

Please to be noting: My LJ is where I come to enjoy myself. I do not enjoy pointless arguing, hostility or rudeness directed at either myself or my friends. Spoil my fun and bannination will swiftly occur. Also, I like to like things. I don't have a problem with differences in taste and opinion (because if I did I would be a very unhappy person) but I reserve the right to like things even when you don't like them. Attempts to convince me to stop liking things are not appreciated. If, for some reason, this is going to reduce you to spitting hatred and all-caps rage, please consider playing in someone else's sandbox.

Content: I don't really distinguish between fannish content and other journal content, so I have no auxiliary journals for the purpose of separating the two. To me, it's all stuff I happen to want to post about, so it all goes in this journal, and I don't really use filters much, either. So if you add me to your friendslist, you're signing up for the icons, Stargate fanfic, Supernatural episode reviews, and Doctor Who squee as well as the quilling, cat/baby pictures, and random sarcastic/humorous posts about food and family and work. It's all me, so it's all here. I try to use cut-tags to avoid totally eating people's friends pages, but otherwise I pretty much assume that if it doesn't interest you, you'll just skip over it and we'll all be on our merry way.

Go here for a FAQ-ish sort of thing, if you're interested. Disclaimers, warnings, and all kinds of other reasons why you don't want to be my friend.

My posts frequently feature various friends and family members, so if it will enhance your enjoyment to know who the heck they are, click here for a Dramatis Personae of of the usual suspects.

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airships, alphabets, anne of green gables, antarctica, baking, balls of wax, batman, beauty and the beast, bellydancing, bibliophilia, books, brad bird, british accents, c.s. lewis, celtic music, chapstick, cheese, choir, christianity, classical music, classics, colin firth's sideburns, comic books, comics, conlang, connie willis, cooking, cowboy bebop, crop circles, dave barry, diana wynne jones, disney, doctor who, dorothy parker, douglas adams, dune, edward gorey, england, english, etymology, fairy tales, fantasy, fat cats, fencing, fiction, firefly, foil, funny socks, g.k. chesterton, geeks, geodes, gin & tonic, good aim, graphic novels, guns, harry potter, hedgehogs, historical fiction, homeschooling, j.r.r. tolkien, jane austen, john williams, killing house plants, language, language history, laughter, letters, lewis carrol, libraries, linguistics, lord of the rings, loreena mckennitt, lotr, lovecraft, luna lovegood, marksmanship, miyazaki, movie quotes, much ado about nothing, muppets, my husband, mythology, naomi novik, naps, narcissism, neil gaiman, nerds, neverwhere, ninjas, novels, numb3rs, orthography, peaches, penguins, period costume, pirates, pixar, pocky, poems, poetry, putty, quilling, quotations, randomosity, reading, regency era, riddles, rkba, roses, salt, sam gamgee, sarcasm, school stories, sci-fi, sci-fi cliches, science fiction, second amendment, shakespeare, shirley jackson, shoes, silliness, singing, sleeping, snark, space travel, speculative fiction, star wars, stargate, stargate sg-1, stephen king, story, supernatural, susannah clarke, talking about myself, tangerines, tea, teaching, the inklings, till we have faces, tolkien, tv crushes, urban exploration, urban fantasy, used bookstores, victorian england, webcomics, writing, wuv, zeppelins

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